September 4, 2011

New Apartment

 My new apartment makes me happy. While single, the roommate thing didn't bother me. It was  a money saving technique and I didn't need an entire apartment or house to myself.
 Now that I am married, we definitely need privacy. I found a simple money-saving solution, a mother-in-law suite! It is cute, comfortable, and now that I have scrubbed it within an inch of its life... Clean.
 I have finished unpacking and have put all things in the most convenient location. I am so pleased with how warm and inviting the apartment feels. I had my first visitor yesterday. Dominique commented on the cleanliness as well as the practical layout.
I can hardly wait to start my life. I have a feeling we will look back on this year at the apartment as one of the best and most interesting.

April 22, 2011

Happiness Project: Re-do

I put off this project for a few months and I lost my motivation. I am starting to get it back. I feel as though this project should be lifelong and not just a year. Every month, I will try to work on something that makes me truly happy.

The format will need to change a bit. But... I am back

January 20, 2011

Not Motivated

I wanted a bike so badly that I am unmotivated this month.

January 9, 2011


So the bike didn't work out for this month and I was really disappointed. I have no idea what to focus on this month and the month is already well under way. I just had a flash of brilliance! I am going to work on optimism. Not my own, but other people's.

I already have an optimistic attitude but I have noticed that many of my friends do not. Last night at the gym my friend was awfully down and even today my other friend at the gym was a bit pessimistic and easily dissuaded. I wonder if I can make other people feel good about the situations they bring to me?

People often ask me for advice and I usually try to get them to see things in a new way but perhaps  I can do better for the month. Hmm

December 27, 2010

The Month Is Not Over Yet and What To Do About Next Month?

The Great Outdoors Month is not over yet. This Friday I will be going horseback riding for the first time. I am very excited. I have set it all up with Wandering Trails ( a local horse barn in my area. I am going for a one hour trail ride!

 Next month I am hoping to focus on cycling. I have already chosen the bike I would like to purchase. (see above) It is a Schwinn and it is called the Clear Creek Comfort Bike. I won't know until Friday if January will be biking month because I am still waiting to see if the tutoring hours I turned in today will be added to my end of the month paycheck. It is so difficult not knowing but I have big plans. Bike's happen to be pricey if quality is important. Honestly, the bike I truly want is $450.00 but this one for half of that will have to do.

I want to ride my bike for pleasure and cardiovascular health. The local library is just 2 miles away and a trip to the library is always fun. It would be quite refreshing to ride there and back rather than drive the small distance. Also, the local park is the same distance and riding to the park for an afternoon of reading sounds really pleasurable. I will definitely need a basket!

When I was younger I was riding 25-40 miles a week depending on what was going on in my schedule. You see, my family did not have a car and I was biking everywhere (stores, friend's homes, to run errands, etc.) I do not know if I will get to that level again especially with my busy schedule but a few miles after work around the neighborhood sounds ideal.

Wish me luck.

December 22, 2010

More Out Of Doors

I went to the Environmental Learning Center ( in Vero Beach, Florida this week. I have always wanted to visit and despite living in the same county as the ELC, I never did make it until now. I have always been intrigued with the idea of Sea Camp which now as in Yester-years costs almost $500.00 for a week during the summer. That opportunity is long gone but I did get to experience the rest of the center.
I called the ELC  after talking to a friend and discovering that she was watching 5-6 kids that day and as it turn out, we got a great deal as the ELC is free until January 1st. I was able to walk the nature trails and boardwalk looking for the white ibis though the 5 children certainly scared away any and all wildlife in a 5 miles radius. It was still beautiful.

After the ELC, I decided to give my friend a great birthday present and took all five of the kids to the park down the street from my parent's house. I only had the kiddos for forty-five minutes but we went on the swings, played on the slides, and climbed a tree. I had a blast! Play should be something I do more of.

December 19, 2010

Camping in the Cold and Wet Outdoors

I just arrived home after camping at Disney's Fort Wilderness in Orlando, Florida. I am not sure how much "camping" went on because the place is so clean it is practically impossible to get dirty. The bathrooms are heated and have multiple showers, stalls, and sinks. Truth be told, the bathrooms were a LOT nicer than mine at home. That is Disney for you.

I arrived at the campsite just before dark and quickly pulled out my tent and set it up lickity-split just as the sun was setting. I spent a bit of time organizing my bedding and clothing. I then went out to meet the other campers.

The weather as cold and wet but so it goes when Mother Nature is involved. A few people packed up and left early due to the rain. The low in Orlando was 44 degrees overnight. I was so cold I couldn't stop shaking and the teeth chattering was keeping everyone awake. One of the other campers loaned me a sleeping bag good for 40 degree weather and it really helped. I was also able to use a smaller felt blanket for my pillows which kept them much warmer. I enjoyed my outing despite the weather.